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Snowed in roof Round Rock, TX

When the temperatures drop and harsh winter weather moves in, the roof of your home is at risk of becoming damaged. You can address these concerns by performing basic roof maintenance tasks before winter storms arrive. When implemented correctly, these roof protection tips from us at Summit Roofing & Construction should help keep your roofing in Round Rock, TX, in tip-top shape.

Remove Snowfall

Heavy snowfall can take quite a toll on your roof, so it needs to be cleared as much as possible. However, try to avoid getting on your roof on your own. Snow or ice can make the area dangerous and slippery. Always call in the professionals for roofing inspection and maintenance services.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Clean, free-flowing gutters are crucial since they let melted ice and snow move away from your roof–and thereby help you avoid ice dams. In the event that water builds up in your gutters, extensive damage could occur if temperatures dip too low overnight. To prevent further drainage, it’s important to call in a roofing contractor for help should ice dams develop.

Have Debris Removed Before Snowstorms

If there are any trees on your property, it’s likely that leaves and other debris will drop onto your roof. These materials will build up in overhangs and may lead to your roof being damaged when snow or ice accumulates. Hire an experienced roofer to remove debris from your roof instead of attempting DIY roof maintenance.

Monitor Your Attic

If snow or ice remains on your roof for too long without melting, the roofing materials could be damaged. Depending on the severity of this damage, a roof replacement may be required. Keep an eye on your attic as it’s there where you can see signs of leaking and other roofing issues.

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